The Self-Love Challenge


"The Self-Love Challenge is a lifestyle that builds confidence and courage."

The Self-Love Challenge is a unique experience where you learn how to retrain your brain and make self-love shifts in your mind and in your life. When you accept yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself more, you can choose to simultaneously be both a masterpiece and work in progress. If you are ready to follow your happiness, be strong and courageous and take action despite fear to create a life you love, then you are ready for The Self-Love Challenge!

Empowerment Experiences Include:

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Individual & group coaching for adults

  • Individual & group mentoring for youth

  • Coaching & mentoring services are available in person & online

Available For:

  • Schools & Universities 

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Events

  • Seminars & Luncheons

  • Retreats & Workshops 


*Customized programs for specific audiences & topics are available upon request

* Available for national & international travel


Brandy Edwards is a Texas attorney turned Empowerment Speaker and Coach in Dallas, Texas. She is the founder of The Self-Love Challenge and emphasizes the importance of self-love, confidence and courage. Her self-discovery journey led her to be strong and courageous, to take action despite fear and follow her happiness to create a life she loves. Her magnetic energy captivates the attention of both youth and adult audiences, and her inspiring vulnerability empowers listeners to bridge the gap between fears that hold them back and bravery that can propel them forward. Her message is a kind reminder to make empowering choices that help you believe in yourself more and love yourself without conditions, as it is never too late to start, or to start over, with anything in your life. 

Be Strong and Courageous

For booking inquiries and questions please email:

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